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Panja Buthas are Air, Water, Land, Sky and Fire, out of this land has the power to produce, earth gives us food from cultivation. Likewise earthen pots also have many health benefits while using for cooking, storing drinking water will regenerate energy. Human beings first started making pottery out of clay around 6000 BC, Clay pots don't have metals chemicals or glazed earthenware never reacts with your food while cooking. Natural nutrition remains in the food while cooking in mud pots. Clay pots retain the heat for long so it is good energy saver, Mud pots cook food slowly but completely without damaging natural nutrition in food. Using of clay pots for cooking and storing water for drinking is healthy and traditional way.

Health Benefits

Advantages of Clay pot Cooking


Clay/mud pots or earthen ware will crack if you use it for cooking without seasoning. It is simple process, after washing your pot cleanly with non-metallic scrubber and with gentle soap, Fill pot with water used for cleaning your raw rice leave it for 4 hours and then fill the water with rice starch keep on stove with slow flame after boiling 30 to 40 min turn of and leave it for a while . Then wash it and it will be ready to use.

How does the water stored in mud pot remain cool?

These mud pots have minute pores holes and when we store water in these pots tiny pores holes oozes out water. Those water gets evaporated absorbing heat from water stored inside mud pot. This process is happening continuously and the end result is cool water inside mud pot.


Storing water in mud pot is an old age tradition and also the best and natural alternative for refrigerated water. Many prefer to drink cold water from fridge to quench their thirst immediately after returning home from hot sun but it leads to cold, cough,sometimes even fever especially in summer it affects digestion by freeing oil stuffs we eat and Doctors now found having too cool water may lead to cancer..! . But water stored in mud pot acts gentle on throat and good for health.